How Does the Jenny Craig Diet Work

How Does the Jenny Craig Diet Work?

Many people rely on diets to control their weight or to maintain a healthy body. There are many different types of diet programs out there and all claim to be effective.

One of the more popular programs is the Jenny Craig diet. But don’t just jump on the bandwagon. Here are some things to help you decide if it’s the right diet for you, and whether you can actually commit yourself to it long-term.

The Jenny Craig Diet in a nutshell

The Jenny Craig Diet is a weight loss program that is known for encouraging weight loss by restricting the intake of calories and by regular exercise.

This program is an expensive one, which is the reason it is not widely used. One of the things that makes it expensive is that when you enroll in the program, a weight loss expert will be assigned to you. This expert will be responsible for your meal plan, and will give you advice on how to loss weight and maintaining your target weight once you reach it.

How to get into the Jenny Craig diet program

If you are interested in the Jenny Craig program you will have to visit a Jenny Craig center. One of the first things you’ll need to do is to meet with a nutrition expert who will orient you about the program. The whole program is easy to follow because someone else will be cooking your meals. All you need to do is to buy it, which is another reason why the program is expensive. But for those who can afford it, buying the precooked and prepacked meals is very convenient.

What people like about the Jenny Craig diet

In one word: convenience. Many people gain weight because their busy lifestyles force them to order takeout food — they simply don’t have the time or energy to cook something complicated. The meals have fewer calories compared to a meal prepared at home. It is also lower in carbohydrates and higher in proteins. The program enrollees are expected to only eat the prepacked meals and nothing else. They are discouraged from preparing their own food. The average cost for meals for each client is $100 to $150.

The exercise regimen of the Jenny Craig diet program

Another aspect of the Jenny Craig program is the exercise. Part of the program itself is to perform regular exercises in order to help the body lose weight. The expert assigned to you will also make your exercise program and will tell you which exercises you can go.

Why the Jenny Craig diet program is effective

The Jenny Craig program is an effective weight loss program because the program is specifically designed for each person – considering the weight, height age, and medical condition of each individual. These and other factors are listed down and accounted for when formulating the personalized program. The client will also be required to meet up with a doctor or the expert for the regular consultations that are part of the program procedures.