Interesting places to visit in Singapore

Interesting places to visit in Singapore

Singapore is a tropical paradise for shopaholics to visit as it has a large variety of shopping centres in the small island. However, there are also other sights which you could visit if you are not into shopping. I will be detailing these places in the next few paragraphs and I hope you could visit them whenever you come to Singapore.

The Esplanade

The Esplanade is a uniquely designed building aimed to further the fledgling performing arts programs in Singapore. Whatever is unique you may ask. If you would take a look at the exterior design of the Esplanade, you would spot the funny looking roof over the building.

This special roof is specially designed by 2 top architectural firms, namely DP Architects and Michael Wilford and Partners. The design looks similar to one of Singaporean’s favourite fruit, the Durian too, which is why Singaporeans nicknamed the place “Dua Liu Liang”, Big Durian in Teochew dialect.

The interior is also outfitted with many shops and performance halls for concerts and recitals and even a library which is devoted to the arts scene in Singapore. The performance halls even hosted one of my favourites, the Queen concert “We will Rock you”, once before and I had a blast.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is a Ferris wheel unique to Singapore only as it holds the accolade of being the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. The Singapore Flyer is also just built and launched recently, making it a novelty tourist attraction spot for visitors to Singapore. It offers you bird’s eye view of almost all of Singapore and shows you concise details about Singapore’s Central Business District.

You could also book one of the cabins inside the Singapore Flyer to give your special one a surprise or have your family admire the Lion City’s view from above. Imagine how touched your significant one would be when you enjoy a candlelit dinner atop the Singapore Flyer, encompassing the whole of Singapore? There are also shops and eateries just under the Singapore Flyer which mean you would not starve after you came down from the Flyer.

Changi Airport

Changi Airport is one of Singapore’s main airport receiving commercial customers where the other airport, the Seletar Airport, is being in use for chartered flights. There are a total of 4 terminals in operation in Changi Airport, with 1 to 3 currently servicing normal passengers while the last one, the Budget Terminal, is handling Budget consumers.

What are so interesting about Changi Airport would be its unique infrastructure and the size of each terminal. For example, Terminal 3 has a “Green Wall”, a wall equipped with creepers and waterfalls which helps promotes the tropical feel of Singapore.

The wall also helps regularize the temperature inside the terminal. The 3 terminals are also connected through a Skytrain, a train zooming from one terminal to the other terminal so that travellers could have easier times transferring between flights.


The last place that I would recommend tourists to visit would be is Sentosa. In Sentosa, there is a fort whose name is called Fort Siloso. It is a historic fort defending Singapore back when the Japanese invaded it when it was still United Kingdom’s territory.

It is restored as a military museum and tourists could visit it at Sentosa. One of Fort Siloso’ s main attractions would be its large 7-inch guns aimed at the sea, with the intention of defending Singapore against marine attacks.

There is also a Universal World Theme Park there where you could bring your kids and have a wheel of a time. Another attraction in Sentosa would be the Underwater World, where you could view the large amount of marine creatures such as Dolphins, Sharks and Whales.

This post was a guest post written by a friend of mine – Ari, an expat Brit who currently lives in Singapore. If you would like to submit a guest post to the site, do let me know on my contact page.